Critics called the flowy pants “the most comfortable pants ever made.”

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Grace Karan pants sale

Being an office spice girl is a full-time job in itself, especially during the summer months, and even your favorite pants can feel airless, restricted, and very uncomfortable. You might want to exert your strength in the name of serving styling every day (someone has to do that), but there’s another option: incredibly flattering pants that surreptitiously feel like sweatpants.


While that sounds too good to be true, thousands of Amazon shoppers (10,660 to be precise) have announced their endorsement of what one reviewer called “the most comfortable pants ever made.” Grace Karin’s cropped paper bag pants are fitted with a classic cigarette-style silhouette and drawstring closure, which is spacious enough for all-day sitting, but looks sophisticated enough to elevate any top, including a basic T-shirt. Thanks to the flowy, lightweight fabric and unsuitable fit, many shoppers consider this office-friendly pants “perfect for summer.”


Available in solid colors like black, tan and army green, as well as summer shades like blue, lilac or turmeric, the soft bottom includes two hip pockets large enough to hold your wallet and iPhone. Another benefit? Prime members start at just $21 and other members start at $28 and currently receive up to 36% off.

Grace Karin cropped paper bag waistband with pockets

Buy Now: $21-32 (original price $38);


One reviewer called the fabric “comfortable and very breathable,” while another noted that they were praised “all day” when wearing bottoms, but felt like they were “wearing sweatpants.” Others swore they couldn’t believe how flattering and comfortable the pants were, while a fourth confirmed that they were “comfortable and bouncy, but still had a fitted look in the right place.”. The last shopper even said they felt “absolutely the best” when they wore versatile pants.


Add one to your cart today and rate these super flattering pants for less than $30.

Grace Karin cropped paper bag waistband with pockets

Buy Now: $28 (original price $38);

Grace Karin 带口袋的九分纸袋腰裤

Buy Now: $28-33 (original price $38);

Grace Karin 带口袋的九分纸袋腰裤

Buy Now: $27-28 (original price $38);

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