They are out of the box, soft and supportive.

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These Sydney Sweeney approved sneakers are so comfortable that I wore 7 miles when I first wore them

I finally started the second season of Euphoria, too And all those who pleaded with me to catch up: Congratulations, I now feel empty inside too. Any program that generates so much teen anxiety among adult adults should offer a week of free treatment. Aside from the engaging (albeit very dark) plot lines, the only thing that stuck with me was, of course, fashion. Even off-screen, it’s a gift to see what the actors are wearing — almost all of them fashion icons — are wearing.


For example, Sydney Sweeney was seen walking his dog in a beige-knit Ralph Lauren suit and a classic cream Brunello Cucinelli coat. But even in her designer collection, the “fitted” star is a chunky pair of dad sneakers — Soel Kinetic Techlace sneakers, to be precise. Whether it’s paired with leggings and sweatshirts or Sweeney’s extravagant casualwear, platformers can transform any outfit from boring to glamorous. So when Sorell gave me a free pair to try on, I obviously said yes.


I happened to arrive on the day I knew I would stand up for at least eight hours because I was helping a friend move into her new apartment. Although I expected millions of trips up and down stairs and miles across the city, I had to try my new kick immediately, even if it meant footache. I stepped into it, expecting the tight stiffness, but the only thought that came to my mind was “Wow, so soft.” I circled around the kitchen and continued to be pleasantly surprised.They’re just as comfortable as the worn Hokas I’ve been wearing for months, and are somewhat more cushioned, even out of the box.


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All day long, I waited for a bout of heel pain or blisters to sprout, but none of them appeared. The porous, breathable exterior around the top of the shoe leaves my toes sweat-free, and while the sole is lined with multiple layers of plush padding, the overall feel of the sneakers is very light (even after dozens of flights of stairs). Even better, the grooved traction at the bottom prevents any slippage. On the way to transporting the couch on foot, I checked my Fitbit and found that I had walked seven miles — and I realized that my feet were still completely painless. In fact, when my friends ask me if I need a break, I even boldly say “I can move on”.


I’m fairly sure there’s witchcraft involved, but anyway, these are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever had and the only one I’ve tried out of the box. Plus, whether I’m wearing a blazer or a sweatshirt, these Sydney Sweeney-approved lace-up shoes always make me look cooler. Head to Zappos or Sorrel to buy very comfortable sneakers that may even get you out of the melancholy of the excitement.




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